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i'm boxer

senior stylist & owner of

Knock Out Beauty was birthed from Boxer’s innate ability to

cultivate a “feel good” experience for her valued customers.

“Boxer”, as she is affectionately called, has styled top influencers in The Bahamas, namely Miss Bahamas’ Danielle Grant all the way to fitness enthusiast "Bowflex Barbie" (among other premium sophisticates). Coined as the absolute greatest in her trade within the region, Boxer holds professional certifications in frontals, microlinks, and wig making, and has fourteen years of established service under her belt.


Knockout Beauty was birthed from Boxer’s inert desire to place in the hands of her clients everywhere, a "feel good" experience hair and beauty can provide! 

Boxer understands the power of beauty and how it can uplift a person and change their outlook.

Her goal is to help her clients feel as confidently beautiful as they wish.

Knock Out Beauty is the cornerstone for a knockout service!


Knock Out Beauty provides a service that places the client in control by offering a wide range of hair services to choose from. At Knockout Beauty, no matter the hair service, your natural hair care comes first as Boxer offers hair care solutions that prohibits breakage while adding a beauty that is simply matchless. ​


“The Beauty Industry is a comfortable space where I can be myself, no matter who is around. I love to express who I am through my hairstyles and wish to achieve the same with my clients. I enjoy the versatility hair brings. It’s like with every hairstyle, there’s a new personality! I live by the saying ‘When you look good, you feel good.’ My Knock Out services will have you feeling amazing!”


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